girl wtf

Date: 3/25/2019

By snaketongue

first i bleached my hair blonde then i was in a talent show where i dances and i placed second. the reward was a laptop. however the woman hosting the talent show was my old dance team coach that has previously kicked me off her dance team ( yes in real life) so for some reason instead of letting me have my prize she took them and left for dance practice. i had to chase after her to ask her why she took them. when i got to her it was midnight. when i asked her why she got very defensive and hostile. she accused me of not listening. i realized that this conversation turned into another stupid fight so i left. as i was leaving i could see all the other prizes that she horded from previous talent shows. when i told other people this they would lose interest and stop listening. later i was at my grandparents but my period started and there were no pads so o had to leave. when o was driving the roads were confusing and i took a wrong turn so a cop pulled me over.