exorcist kinda??

Date: 5/29/2017

By pheeniealexandra

So gryphon and I needed to get to school and there was snow on the ground. But there were ghosts or something in the car so my dad was clearing them. He had trouble with the back bumper or "butt" of the car. There was something there that wouldn't move. So me and him sat down in the living room to use our combined energy to get rid of it. Gryphon kinda helped and my mom was watching. And during it I started like rocking and my mom was like Phoenix why are you rocking are you okay? And I realized I was moving and then I felt something in my throats like coming up from inside me, it was almost like choking and it was hard to breath, instead of clearing the car we ended up clearing me? And as the demon or whatever escaped my body it hissed out my mouth and I could understand what it was saying. It was like cursing Jesus and calling me a heathen and just general stuff like that and then I woke up