Date: 9/1/2019

By ATHforever

I dreamt I was in High School and there was a school assembly where everybody was present. There was an opening for police commissioner and they were looking for volunteers, so I volunteered. Thing is, some woman wanted that job and had been offered that job beforehand, and asking volunteers was just a formality since no one else had volunteered. But this horrible woman and the people who supported her were livid, so they sent thugs to my house at night to wreak havoc and terrorize my family. There was a ringing of the door bell, and a little kid opened the door. Masked thugs came inside the house and started breaking stuff with metal bars and shit, destroying everything in their path. But I faced them head on John Wick style, and I fucked them up big time. They confessed being sent by this woman, and gave me evidence to prove it. The next day, at the school assembly, I presented the evidence and humiliated this woman and the former commissioner in front of everybody, and destroyed their legacy. Everybody clapped, and I began thinking about how am I going to balance this new job with the scouting I was supposed to do. Anyways, Lianet Hernández came up to me and told me she was gonna guide me through the whole process of being commissioner, and started giving me some advice. As the school assembly was finished, we were suddenly flying over the sea in a chopper chasing another. The pilot of the other chopper killed himself by hanging and was hanging from his chopper, so one of my minions jumped at it and cut him loose, taking control of the chopper. Then Lianet got herself captured, and I rescued her then scolded her, telling her I’m the new commissioner and thus she has to do what I say. She apologized and then we were back at school, where Jairo Cordoba congratulated me and asked me to go and speak with his students about this whole thing at 5 PM. As I was leaving the school premises, I ran into my former classmates, like Nestor, Valenzuela, Mono and Matías, and they all congratulated me, though they were surprised I had volunteered. When they asked me why I did it, I said: “I want power to change the world for good. To change the system. To save this planet and do good.” Afterwards, I told Nestor he should call me “Commendatori” like in The Sopranos, and they all started calling me that.