Evade whoever?

Date: 4/4/2017

By Olivia725

Was in someone's house I felt kinda like it was my home, with my boyfriend who may have been general. All the sudden they are out to get us so I sneak thru and around the house. General is outside, we get seen and I bounce out, running and hiding thru houses. Go into our neighbors who's the sister of whoever is chasing me and ask for generals number. She says she will get it for me and tells me to go outside but I feel sketched so I keep running. I hear her calling for me up the block and she looks different and decides to join me. We dip into a gas station and squeeze behind an ice freezer out the back door. Two guys are waiting with guns?? They shoot us both, I'm shot 23 times. I think about how cliche it is that I'm 23 as I die.. then I wake up. ???