Short strange dreams

Date: 3/20/2017

By insidemymind

I've only just started recording so these are ones I've had over the last couple of weeks. I've been dreaming more then usual and have been waking up completely soaked in sweat, the sheets wet underneath me... not normal for me at all! ------------ 1. I have a brown rabbit called Gus in RL who I love. In my dream Gus turned into a sexy tanned man with brown hair and eyes. He was completely naked and was ripped. It wasn't sexual but I just loved him so much. I started to pet him as I would for a bunny. ------------- 2. I discovered that if I went to kick my legs up in the air as if doing a backflip then I would start to hover. This would turn into full on flying. Some friends and I flew around everywhere. I was so happy in this dream and woke up happy. I haven't properly dreamed about flying since I was a kid (am in my late 20's). -------------- 3. I went to go to the polytechnic where I study, but the other side of it had been turned into a hotel. I took the elevator up of what I thought was tec, but was the hotel. For some reason I couldn't just take the same elevator back down. I wandered around the rooms (all abandoned) looking for a way out. I found a young woman who was cleaning a room. She told me I had to go through the master suite of the owners to get down some stairs. Just then a lady appeared in the doorway behind. She was huge, like a giantess. She scolded the girl, saying 'you didn't tell her to go through my room did you?'. Turns out that she was the owner. We had to go to her room where she kept us trapped. Promising we could leave at some point but not until we passed tests of hers. This included having acid chucked at our faces. I somehow managed to get the acid into a drink of hers to try and kill her. However she drank it and laughed, saying that she could not die. When she threw acid into my face I woke up.