We were supposed to go to Six Flags but I drove the car into a Lake

Date: 8/4/2019

By AdmirableRegular

We got ready together but I happened to get ready first so I decided to take the car out for a Target run to pick up some things. I ended up not even going to Target and instead took a long detour to go back home and pick her up. I felt like I knew where I was going so instead of using GPS I winged it. I ended up behind a flight of cars and instead of waiting for the green light I busted a U turn and went for the freeway on-ramp. This freeway was unlike anything I ever saw. It was like a crazy hot wheels track with boosters and shit and deadends which looped indefinitely. Once I got on the freeway I didn’t need to accelerate because the road boosted all of the cars extremely fast and the only way to merge or switch routes was by tilting the steering wheel. Finally turned the gps on because the freeway looked complicated with tons of exits and merges and felt unfamiliar. It was hard following the gps because the car was going so fast and the gps was showing loops and which exits to take. “Made the first turn. Made the second turn. Exit here before the end of this loop”. I missed the last exit and instead of going home the boosters of the freeway launched me into a fucking body of water. I wasn’t mad, or scared but somewhat found it funny. I landed in the water and there were others there. This seemed to be a normal thing. I started swimming to the shore and there was a bald man in a biker outfit swimming with me. The water wasn’t cold at all it was quite pleasant and not very deep. Not dirty at all. I made it to shore and saw people conglomerating amongst themselves. Were they stranded and lost? I asked if our Nissan Pathfinder was still ok despite being underwater and some guy said that even though it was submerged it was probably fine. I dove back in the water(it was a very bad dive too I practically flopped in and felt embarrassed) and spotted it on the bottom of this ocean. It was about 75 feet deep I’d say at the bottom. Other cars started floating to the top so I thought maybe ours would. I called babe over and explained what had happened and in an instant she was there. She wasn’t mad either so I grabbed her hand and took her underwater to show her. We had tried to get to the car but encountered a giant poisonous eel like the one in Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask. It was deadly and could kill if it decided to attack. It was scary. It had its eyes opened and mouth open with some sort of spike with red orbs protruding out of its mouth. It merely brushed up against us twice then before we knew it we were back on the shore. I asked why the eel didn’t kill us and some guy said it was because the eel had just lost her babies nearby. The car magically floated to the top. She had the keys and to our dismay the trunk opened up and she said how she was going to drive back home to tell her mom about this who lived 8 hours away. *wake up*