Lots of Teen Moms and a Homeless Guy

Date: 3/31/2019

By dreamsarecooliguess

Ok so it started out on the streets. It may have been NYC or something, but it was dark with a lot of lights. Every teen girl was a mom and they all had their babies In clear backpacks that were worn in the front. Then, I passed a lit up convienient store and forgot about the teen moms. There was a homeless guy trying to get in because it was cold. The dude inside kept saying, "bring me this and this and this and I'll let you sleep here." Then he said, "I want sex. And I'll let you in" it was nasty, but suddenly I could sort of read the homeless dudes mind. He wasn't considering having sex with the store clerk, oh no he was gonna go out and find a young girl and bring her back with him. He left and all of a sudden I was with my sisters that I don't have in real life, and we were out by the woods on a sunny day. There was a set of train tracks that went in circles around the woods, so we were balance walking on them. We were really young too, like 12 maybe. Then we were running from something, but we were still trying to balance on the train tracks for some reason. The homeless guy apparently wasn't car-less because he pulled up in a car. We started to freak out because we knew that he was gonna kidnap and rape us (the store clerk was forgotten, and now this guy was the nasty one). He jumped out and grabbed my sister, and me and my other sister were trying to pry her out of his grip. I think I kept switching between being the girl he was trying to kidnapp and being myself. I said, "she's not gonna go with you, we don't have to go with you!" Like all powerful and stuff, and I guess my sister wasn't already trying hard enough to get away because she pulled away from him instantly like, "yeah! I don't have to go with you!" But then, he pulled out a gun. My sister looked at us like, 'what are we going to do now?' But me and my other sister were too afraid of the gun, so we let the homeless guy make off with her.