Date: 8/3/2017

By Ivyveil

I only remember pieces. Me and some guys were running from an evil werewolf in a smoggy, post-apocalyptic future. We split up. I remember being absolutely terrified. I was in the foyer thingy in my house, except it was only a big white room. I was running towards the door. Just before, I saw someone else running towards the door. They unlocked the top lock, but the werewolf magically relocked it. The person (some man?) turned around in fear as the werewolf pounced and mauled the person. Lots of blood splattered over everything. (scary) Neither the blood nor the shredded corpse were there as I ran. It was behind me as I sprinted. I unlocked the top lock, but I couldn't get the bottom lock to turn. Panic rose as the werewolf was right beside me and growling in my ear. Somehow I escaped, since next thing I knew, I was in a post-apocalyptic one-story house. I was sitting on a bed contemplating the situation. Someone came in and told me about a new issue. I told him that we HAD to stop this madness. We were looking down into a deep pit of murky water, surrounded by walls. We nodded and jumped in. There were already two people in there. They were on the small edge were the water didn't quite reach. The guy I was with climbed on a ladder that was floating. I climbed into a boat. We were trying to take down an evil shark. I was going back and forth across the water, being chased by the shark(distraction?). Whatever the guy had planned did not work out. The shark stayed at edge of the water, practically on shore. I was speeding towards him on my boat. I grabbed a stop sign that was on the edge of the water, ripping it out of the ground. I approached the shark and whacked it with the stop sign until the shark was no longer a formidable enemy. The stop sign was bent up though. I was celebrating with the others as we walked back to the house. The oldest guy congratulated me and said that I could keep the stop sign, as long as I paid for a new one. I was just like seriously, I just saved you all!!