Date: 3/13/2017

By bryydie

I had a dream that I had moved back to my home town of Newcastle and I was looking through a small window of the house I was in and seen 3 boys 1 girl I new 2 boys Liam and Sean but not the other 2. I was walking down stairs and heard shouting so I ran out side and started to yell they were arguing over the number of the house I was livening (68). As I was shouting out side the man pulled a gun out so I said "go on shoot" I don't remember what happens then but I do remember I shouted at my dad "run" so we ran back in to the house and I was trying to lock the wooden door that didn't have a Handel and then key fell under the door and as I went to pick it up this women grabbed it and walked In to the house I was so scared that I was screaming "she is in the house " . I was sitting on this couch by the window by this man and I was trying to beg him to let us go but he got a bit too close I felt uncomfortable. I seen Sean looking through the window I shouted "boo" then he walked away I begged for help and As they barged through the front door I heard screaming from up stairs so I left them in the house while I got help but I didn't get help I when and made a company that sold wired cookies and as I went back home everyone was there and wanted a cookie but there was an old lady in my house who had a black bag an but every thing in It. My second dream was not as wired but I was on a metro with Charlotte and the metro was got so fast and bumpy that we were falling everywhere once it stoped we seen Charlotte T and Courtney G ii was a bit confused. When we got off the metro we made are way to South Shields fair but we sore Loui William and football teams.