Amazing Jet Fighters.

Date: 3/16/2017

By Joe V Volcano

I'd been hearing Jets. I looked up and saw a very fast fighter jet flying and doing acrobatic like manouvers. Then it went very fast away from me and did an extreme manouver like a U turn and there were bits flying off it everywhere as if disintegrating. As it completed the turn the were in fact a large flock of birds like Parrots right with it. It accelerated to amazing speed and flew overhead. Then I looked up and saw and j jet fighter but this was like the latest F35. It was amazing to see how it could fly. Then as I watched I could see it hand wings hinged in middle and could sort of flap and change shape according to its flight needs. It had a beautiful bright circular shaped light light and pattern on its underside. It seemed to be able to change the shape of its Aero surfaces. It was so beautiful and futuristic. Then I could see it had two lucky passengers enjoying the joy ride. they were in s back seat and the cockpit area seemed like a four door car's with ute type rear! This was all in vivid colour!