Costumes at School

Date: 6/23/2019

By skunksauce

I'm in school. I have my frank costume on (rabbit from donnie darko). the school layout is weird, something feels off. I'm going from class to class but I'm late to every class; the teachers dont seem to care, they also dont seem to care about the costume. I dont think we're doing anything in class. I remember at one point I show up to my latin teachers room to ask her something and shes about to watch a movie on the smartboard/projector. At one point I'm in the basement of the school. I find a hidden room that's dark and resembles a sewer. two people are there but I can only make out one woman, explaining that she is an artist/tattoo artist, showing me her creations. I vaguely remember her showing me a bunch of small, horse like living things that she created. other things happen down in this secret room but I cannot remember. back at school, I'm saying goodbye to friends, as it is my last day. Dom is there, he hugs me, he also got his braces off (but he never had them to begin with?) Liv is there too. Something is playing on a projector. This part is fuzzy. After saying my farewells and leaving this room, I am in the hallway outside of Ms.Foresmans room, and Kyle (my brother) Is there. He is also in a costume. I can't remember what it was, but my brain is saying it's a priest outfit. The principal, straneri, shows up and stars yelling at Kyle to go back to class. He doesnt seem to care about the costumes or what I'm doing. I tell him "hes my brother, it's fine, let him come with me" so he says "okay fine but be fast". We walk into the stairwell and the class president, Mike is sitting there. He fist bumps us both. We walk up the stairs and I say "it feels like we're about to get exorcised". I feel funny. I wake up.