Protect the Phoenix

Date: 3/26/2017

By gabriel4031

Im following a person into a building. He tells me that I need to go to a certain floor (cant remember ... three? two?) The first floor has several stories within it. He tells me that isnt the right one. I go up a floor. He goes in ahead of me. There is a grand staircase like that in Gone with the Wind or the Sound of Music, but it is darker, deep colors, rich colors. He tells me he will check it out first, and I should go up the stairs. He stays with me a little, then dissappears through the floor (up). I realize he is my nameless guardian angel, the one I saw in a dream when I was under anesthesia and sat on my bed as the angel Gabriel told me I would be okay, and that they would protect me. I feel a little dumb at that lack of realization. So, I go up the stairs. Im amazed that this level also has multiple levels within it, not as many as the first floor, though. Eventually I find myself in something that is like a natural hedge, squarish, some rocks in there to form stairs. Its like a fence. Reminds me of an outpost or fort from before the US was even a country. But ... entirely nature made. Its pretty, but I know it is a thing for defense. The angel is back. He is sitting on the hedge and tells me that more angels are coming to help. He causes it to grow more densely and for the leaves to form (it was nothing but leafless branches at first), after the thought occurs to me that it looks so bleak that way. Depressing. I ask what I am supposed to do. He points to the pile of leaves. I see something I never noticed before. Its a baby phoenix. It is the size of a basketball and has all the colors of flame in its feathers. I see little flames shooting up every few minutes. Its making bird noises and bobbing its head up and down. "Protect it until it is strong enough to protect itself". I look at it again, and I consider it. The Phoenix needs more fire, and it needs to grow.