Date: 7/13/2017

By chilipeppa

Mom told me she and dad had been looking at new houses (which doesn't add up because we definitely don't have the money) and so I went with her to see the one they were considering buying and it was like an hour and a half away. When we finally got there it was fucking HUGE. the realtor showed us onto the porch (which was also ginormous and curved) and it was literally 20 ft away from a huge body of raging water and there was no beach it just dropped off. And the sky was super gray and windy. To the left in the small bit of yard was a big white projector screen for outdoor movies. Then we went inside and walked around. It was super dim and there was red carpet everywhere but before long mom and I got totally lost and the hallways kept getting longer and as we walked by all the huge open rooms there was creepy figures standing in them and we couldn't find our way out Next part of my dream i had a final so i had to take a snowmobile down a huge hill and through the forest and then over a lake (and somehow snow was occurring while the lake was still warm, and my ride magically converted into a jet ski) to this white colonial lake house that had like an elementary school classroom in it hahahaha. And instead of my art teacher supervising us for the final my Interior Design teacher did which was weird. After the final I went all the way back up the hill and shit and I felt like something was chasing me. My neighbors dad was playing golf on the snow down the hill and this girl Casey that graduated 2 years ago fell while she was ice skating down it. When I got to wherever I was going - i don't remember where - i realized that I had another final right after that one