Real life video games and sky detention

Date: 3/6/2017

By tkdturtle

So in the first part of this dream I was in what I think was an older fashioned apartment complex in a city somewhere. I was there with my brother, sister and I think a friend or two of ours and we were asleep. I woke up because I heard the sounds from an old video game I'm addicted too called Galaga (the one with the spaceship and the little bugs you have to shoot down). Anyways I woke up and I tried to find out where the game sounds were coming from. I saw this red light outside the window and I ran over to it look out. There was a galaga spaceship shooting down the bugs in the sky above us! It was awesome for a few seconds and then a different video game came into the city. I couldn't tell what it was until I looked over to the next building across from us. I think it was from a game called seek and destroy (or at least that was what this ball was doing). It looked like an animated bomb with an eye on the front of it. It would go up to the window on a building and look inside and if it saw any type of movement, it would vaporize all of the people inside. I watched the first one happen to another family. Then I saw one headed our way so I quickly went around to everyone that was in the living room with me and woke them up and briefly explained what was going on. I told them to just put their blankets over their heads and not to move until I gave the all clear. Then the ball came around to us. I didn't have a blanket so I threw myself onto the floor and closed my eyes. Then its beam came in through the window. I accidentally moved just a little bit because of the way I had my leg and then the little question marks formed around the balls head because he was on high alert now, next movement noticed meant death. He stuck around for a lot longer than he was supposed to but then he floated on by to the next window. I gave the all clear and everyone rushed to the window to see what was going on and if they should believe what I just told them. Then the dream changed. I was in detention or something but it was in the sky up behind the clouds. When the day was over and all of us that were in detention were allowed to leave, there was a specific way we had to renter the atmosphere in order to be accepted back onto the planets surface. We had to dive down head first into the clouds and then land on a specific building upon reentry. On the count of three all of us that were in detention ran and jumped off of the clouds! It was cool as hell! Of course I had to be extra about it and start doing fancy flips and stuff like that. I did everything right and I landed properly but I really wanted to do it again so I went back up to detention and jumped out again. But this time I landed in my house and next to my sisters tv. I guess I hit it on my way down because it was on top of the shelf bent over and about to tip. I was going to leave it like that but my sister was asleep under it and it would have crushed her if it fell. So I grabbed it in both hands and carried it somewhere else and then I woke up.