Animals and graduation

Date: 7/31/2017

By megan_1213

I remember that we got a 18 willer size crate from amazon and inside it was turns of animals cats,dogs,birds,pigs to say the least. We didn't order I package so it was really weird for this to happen. When my mom got home from work me and my sister told her the story and She said we would have to get a lot of food for them. I didn't know what was weirder the fact that we have all these animals now or that my mom is letting us keep them. It cuts to me being outside with the animals I had to leave for a graduation thing but we already graduated a day before so it was like a celebratory thing I guess. As I meet up with my friends we sat in the back and when the opening presentation started they said to turn off all phones. I usually don't get calls during the morning so I didn't worry about my phone, until it went off. I reached for my phone but I was pulled back by a teacher who lifted and pulled me over my seat and I got extremely mad. I started cussing her out talking about to give me more time to turn off my phone and that she didn't have to do what she did. I didn't care all that much about what the outcome was cause I was an adult now and I won't be disrespect by the staff of the school. I heard yelling behind me and the rest of the formal student body was going crazy they didn't like any of this so they started throwing things. I guess they just needed I reason to start going crazy and I guess I provided that. I called out for the rest of my friends to leave and we went and ate at Waffle House it's our hang out spot. Oh yah the teacher that pulled me got in trouble and fired on the spot for treating a person with such brutality. Ha serves her right. Then I woke up and thought man what a crazy dream