Church banquet and exams with my bestie

Date: 1/30/2019

By sharmane

Last night I remember my dreams pretty well. My first one I was at my school and it was exam day but I wasn't worried at all. I walked with my best friend to every class and didn't really even take an exam. One of the rooms had pasta on plates at each seat and there was only one other person there. A very large spider jumped on one of the plates and started eating the pasta and I got really scared. Next thing I know I appear in next to a baseball field I think. I was walking with my dad to find a seat at the bleachers. He sits down close to this lady and I feel a little annoyed and sit by him. Everytime she talks I used my dads phone to say a response for him until she catches me doing so. Then me and my dad appear at a church but it doesn't look as much like one. All of a sudden music starts playing and couples start dancing down the isle some wern't even couples but two boys that work there. Afterwards I look at my dad and I say "I want pie" and then everyone gets up and walks to the big table of food. I get in line and this younger boy says "I think I know you" and I tell him "I know you but I won't tell you how" then I walk past him and proceed to get my sugary food. When I go back to my dad there's a man complaining to another that food stamps aren't fair and the other guy says "I wouldn't have to have them if I didn't lose my son." Then he tells the story of how he was't looking and his son ran away and got attacked by a bull and died. Then I woke up.