Weird Bald Guy that reminded me of a practice teacher in the 9th grade we called Ikkaku

Date: 7/23/2019

By phxnso

So I was coming home from somewhere at night with a friend (a kid version of my cousin because that’s how I last remember seeing him around 8 years ago before they moved) and he was apparently drunk, I could tell by the way he crossed the road without caring. We were going home through his area, that place scares me at night. There was another part of this dream that takes place during the day. I was walking with a friend at “Crossroads” (the location of the temp agency where I always say I’m gonna go everyday to find a job but my anxiety keeps stopping me) this weird bald headed guy pulls up on the sidewalk with his car trying to block me for some strange reason so I walked around it and walked fast af in panic and made my way to the barber, (located in the same city) apparently he followed me on foot with a bunch of men (guards maybe) with a paper that he wanted me to sign. (He showed up a while after we were sitting and waiting) He kept saying my name and told me that I needed to sign this paper to help him out with a recommendation, it was a bunch of stapled together pages but he flipped it to the back and showed me the entire page that I should fill out, so I did because I was scared, but I used a fake name. There was also another part of the dream where I was backstage somewhere and some kid is trying to get me to say the word “Aberback” (I think) (first time I’m hearing this word). It reminded me of Outback Steakhouse.