she's back

Date: 8/17/2017

By BeanAndWeiner

I was being chased in the woods in the snow and then I found myself falling in a little man made stream that I clearly recognized. i knew where I was. I made my way to my porch and sat down. then i looked up and saw one of my friends carrying a white sheet cake thay said congratulations on it in blue frosting. he said hey and we did a little handshake. then i asked I'm where she was. I had no control over what I was saying or doing during this dream. any way, he responded with she's right behind me with everyone else. when he said this I noticed a large group of people I did not recognize walking towards me. then i saw her. I'll call her M. M was wearing a pinkish orange dress with a green floral design on it. she had a light around her. she also looked older than she is now. I noticed as well that she was very pregnant. I went and helped her into the house. the house was very basic and plain. we had a dinner and at the end I sat down on a couch next to the table and relaxed. soon M came over and sat next too me with her head resting on my chest. we talked with our guests for a while. then once they all left M looked at me and said that it was nice for them to come over and I agreed and kissed her head. I woke up