high School Forever

Date: 2/20/2017

By noirQuipster

It was senior year of high school again. We had about a week of classes left, and I knew that I was going to be missing most of it. I thought that I was glint to leave early for the summer during my science class, but I was wrong, and I was leaving early the following day. We had gotten about eight different packets of work; and I just didn't do them because I knew mine wouldn't get collected, and in addition, I had missed the entire part of class when we had time to work on the packets because I was packing up my things. The next day in history, the girl next to me asks if I have the packets because she's going to collect them today. I start panicking because I haven't even started working on them. I sneak them out and try to work on them, and the first one is all about the mole equation. I don't have a calculator, and I don't remember anything about that equation. I start panicking more because I see other people working on these packets without any problem. I just wanted to leave and forget that I ever had to do them.