Hell On Earth

Date: 6/6/2017

By illuminali

My dream started with me in a gathering somewhere downtown with co workers. We see a crowd of people huddling up towards the side of the building so we decided to take a look, there was a girl laying on the ground just struggling about to die and people didn't know what to do, one person came up to her took out a hammer and smashed her head repeatedly. We all didn't seem to care, we were just watching it like it was normal. There was blood everywhere and she was placed in a black trash bag/body bag. I went home and I was taking a nap or something, I don't clearly remember, but I know I was home and my blinds were open, I was looking out the window and there were 3 body bags with dead people in them.. it was just casually rolling/sliding on the road? I got creeped out so I slept in the living room where there were no windows for access nor entry.. then the dream switched. I was in a hotel and there was a restaurant downstairs, it was very crowded. I don't recall who I was in the restaurant with but I was roaming the hotel by myself. I went in the spacious, fancy elevator. I would go to each floor, there would be a master suite hotel room around the corner that looks the same on each floor. People would be getting killed in there and the only way they can accept death is if they eat a token of something that signifies themselves and then they become free and the suite becomes empty until the next people come. I went to the very top floor, passing through the stairs, I see a butcher house upstairs.. butcher of people. And along the lines of me passing across people I was given a card. A card that was apparently supposed to be shown to the "boss" whoever the hell that was, he was definitely evil and the one who runs all of this demonic doings. I read the card and it was pink on the sides and corners and had a semi transparent middle portion, it said to say "show me the way" to reveal. I went up, kept it in my pocket and I got there.. on the left side, there was a counter with people sitting down and a butcher house behind that and on the right side, there were couches and a lounge section.. I sat on the couch with the boss and he asked what did I want? I said I had to show him something. I just pulled out the card before he could answer and I said "show me the way" (lol cliché) and it gave an overview of all the struggles he went through in life, all the people he loved and actually cared for, and I put the card back in my pocket, he reaches for me, and kisses me.. all of the sudden becomes a completely different person. He was trying to grab a hold of me and I didn't want that, so I just escaped that floor. I was going to keep my distance hoping whatever I did caused good. I went to the floor I stayed in and went inside the suite, nobody was trying to kill me but I was watching these two friends die together and take a token that signified each other, their bodies went from being physically hurt, damaged, broken.. to form into spirits with their bodies in spirit form being in perfect shape, form, and condition.. their faces went from miserable and soul-less, stressed out and wrinkled human being faces, to a radiant joyful glow as spirits as they departed from the hotel. I went off to meet up with someone I knew from the restaurant downstairs and I don't remember what else happened nor did my dream finish entirely.