movie in class

Date: 2/8/2017

By jordyn_jae

Takes place at school. I've been at before in my dreams. In one class we were qatchinf a movie. I ran out of pop and went to go fill it with more pop. I filled it with Mountain Dew from the school fountain and went back me and aliss sat next to eachother in the class and watched the movie (it was about Jews). We were being crazy launing and talking and the teacher who was sitting next to us asked for. A drink. Picked it up and then sniffed for alchoh. I made a mental note that I had to tell alissa. We got up for lunch and me and tiara were talking. I. My back pack and wasn't gonna change my clothes first because I didn't have time. I went in the classroom tot get alissa and she was gone and I was like "seriously she left without me" and tiara was like "yep" I went to the lunch room and found a spot. And I say my across from alissa. And thought about if I was a drug dealer I would set my lunch down then go do the deal and come back to eat it.