Battery Acid

Date: 1/31/2017

By crmrar57tz

Anna lived underwater and so I followed her to that one part in the little mermaid where she keeps her treasure and I learned that if I could breathe in the oxygen atoms out of items which happened to be this small piece of paper but the downfall is that it tasted like battery acidcause but I could only take oxygen if it tasted like that. So I'm in a city/small town area all underwater but gravity and everything felt like real life. So I never went in the house but that's where Anna was and I saw her here and there but I kept on having to breathe in this acid in secret though Southey didn't know that I was an outsider but I also had a low key feeling like the acid was slowing killing me, very slowly though, and idk why but the longest anyone went with just breath wing in this stuff without going to the surface was two day. But so later on the FBI starts to catch on that I'm not supposed to be there so I have to be careful and always on guard. But so there are roads and across Anna's house is a double garage thing that had two stores and one side was like a gas station and the other line was pink with a glass table and posters on the wall with a hallway leading back into a room with a guy who offered me to smoke a hookah with him as I was passing through but I had a weird feeling like he was trying to slow me down for the FBI to catch me so I declined when also low key I probably would've but also I didn't want to be disrespectful. But so I know as I crossed the street there were more of these garage buildings but also they were lit by street lights and it was dark out. I can't remember what I did in this environment but there was a lot, I also interacted with a family but only briefly outside their house and the parents were trying to get all the kids in a car for a trip to the big city which I got to spectatingly see in a way that I was floating in the corner of the city looking down. There were three huge buildings that transcended in height as they went from gold silver bronze. There were other small buildings too but a lot smaller, and each buildings had circular plates on it like scales that when all the way down and onto the roads and surround city so the town was split by the different metals. But I left and went back onwards Anna's house breathing in more acid but now that I think about it everyone I encountered was off really strong lsd with swirly eyes and had strong senses of their own reality and I had a small squishy ball that I know would cause me to also trip really hard and also allow me to breathe longer than the battery acid oxygen but I never ate it, just held onto it and at times payed down and just played with it in between my fingers, what did this ball have to do with Anna? I woke up leaving off at the ball am the FBI across the street searching the car I was in and discovered the ball with me now standing in the crossroad of the street but also laying down with the ball at the same time .