Date: 3/1/2019

By ZakariaChowdhury

So I guess I was kidnapped and was put into this place where I was trapped with a bunch of other people, and the only way you could escape is if you play a game. This game was basically getting into a fight with another person and the way you won is if you can rip out ever tooth out of the other person’s mouth. You get to leave the place even if you lose. So I somehow got into a fight without even wanting to and the dude completely overpowered me and ripped out all of my teeth with a set of pliers. When the fight was over I went to a bucket and opened my mouth and blood just would NOT stop pouring out. I had my mouth open for a LONG TIME (it felt like forever in the dream). When I was leaving the place my mouth felt so WEIRD and I went on my phone (idk why I didn’t think I had a phone from the start) and started texting Misfits about what happened and everyone ignored me like a bunch of BITCHES