Transporting boat on trailer with Crazy Russian Hacker

Date: 3/5/2017

By gg2316gg

Was hired to drive someone's large boat on a trailer across the country for some reason. After a couple of hundred miles I had to get off the highway to get some food. Turning left off the off ramp I ran over some road construction and the truck and trailer sank into the road and damages the pavement. The people I charge had me stay in some strange building with rooms. Almost like a dorm for the large number of construction workers. For some reason they told me the had to put the boat on a different trailer and had to build it. I could see from my room window on maybe the 4th floor that they were building some plywood crappy trailer next to the the boat. It was taking a long time. In the meantime I was not comfortable living in the building. It was dirty and not nice. Finally I went out to the guys building the new trailer and got very mad at them. Yelling that this was taking to long and I would make "zero" money on the trip! I remember yelling and doing the "ZERO" shape and with my fingers of my right hand! I think the next part was sharing the driving duty for the rest of the trip with Tarus from the YouTube channel "Crazy Russian Hacker! Seems like a nutty dream but I have these types of dreams almost every night. May as well share them!