Toxic ex

Date: 9/2/2019

By jennnnnaaaa

In this dream I was on a plane about to go to California with J. I forgot to ask my mom to go so I texted her and told her I was on my way to Cali. We where staying at this house with a couple other people, and It was perfect. Then all of a sudden my ex comes and at this point I realized what was going to happen. He started saying all these lies so j wouldn’t want to talk to me anymore. It worked. We where back at the house and somehow I knew my ex was going to kill me. I went into this room to hide and there was a little shower curtain I was going to hide there when I saw an even bigger one when I went behind the bigger certain there was a huge shower room with another curtain so I hid there. They where not gonna find me until one of the other people staying in the house told them where I was. Once my ex and his friends found me they took me to this lake and i knew it was the end for me. I cried and I begged until finally I convinced him to let me go because I was so happy with J, and just like that he let me go. I ran back to the house as fast I could to talk to J but he wasn’t there. I looked for him everywhere only to realize he was at a concert across the street with another girl.