Sometimes things are the opposite of what they seem.

Date: 6/28/2019

By Fitful

I was fighting with this man, but not fighting. It wasn't what it looked like, quite the opposite. I was a man and he was, we were sorta like cowboys or maybe alien cowboys. Anyone I can't recall details but I did end up stabbing him, a mortal wound. But I loved him, he loved me, we loved each other. I'm not sure to the context, romantic or other, I know the love was so deep it was more important than anything. The locals found out I had stabbed him. They were going to string me up but he forced himself to wake and stop them. ~ I was maybe a teenager, or something. I felt young. So did she. Laura was there, at least I think it was her, I can't be sure. I never actually see her in my dreams, not clearly defined physical features. Mostly it's just a feeling this person is Laura, a knowing. Anyway we were friends. I was a teen and she was. I had backed off the friendship because she was so distant. She kept running with other clicks and had a family she was involved in. I felt hurt by some of her alienating actions. I backed way off and did my own thing focused on myself. One day when I had been left alone, I was sorting the laundry, she came by upset with me. I had this bug bag of laundry that was mine and maybe my family's as well. I was always left with the laundry, my job to do. I found an enamel pin of food, or I found food, on the floor beside the large pile of clothes. I was really good at soemthign to do with finding that pin. Really good at food? Really good at finding food? Really good at finding enamel pins? Idk Laura was upset I had been ignoring her, or at least backed off. I told her why, it was her family. She seemed so happy, ensconced with those who knew her best and alway had. She told me, it came up in pictures and words like a meme or a slide show, that she had been raped recently. Her father had come, or she'd gone to live with him over her sixteenth birthday, and he'd got into her bed and covered her mouth. She'd protested, telling him she saw Star Trek and knew he wasn't supposed to do this. This was rape and she'd tell. He said something that disregarded it and raped her anyway. Maybe that no one would care even if it were true and they believed her, foreshadowing. It happened that way, when she was 15. This was why she felt she could leave her family. She didn't need them, she could move away and never see them again, be perfectly happy. Be with me. She wanted me to know. There were also some animal onesies in the dream somewhere something about wearing cute disguises. Wearing disguises which made her happy.