I know my rights

Date: 4/24/2017

By lazylucid

I'm in a car with some friends of mine. I don't remember who they could be but we're driving down a road when suddenly sirens and lights began blazing behind us. I think to myself that we're fine because we didn't do anything wrong nor is there anything illegal in the car. I think we're in Pennsylvania. Two cops take two friends of mine to the patrol car behind us. I don't remember how or why but I get out of the car and head into some department store or something and a cop comes searching for me. He then tells me that he needs my finger prints and o say no. I'm in a rush to get somewhere and I don't want to go to jail because of his inflated ego so I start to comply but not without argument. I tell him I know my rights and he can't finger print me unless I've committed a crime. He says that's not how it works "here" and he pulls out a futuristic finger print scanner. I asked him another question and he answers it with "because I said so!"