weird tyler oakley shane dawson toads and bts dream

Date: 8/7/2017

By garbij

ok dream opened up wiith me in the store. and then there were these three rude little girls having like a competition. anyway my best friend walks in and bts comes in too. then i send best feind to go get something signed but ONE OF THE MEMBERS NEVER RETURNS THE PEN... so i walk out and go to my house.. or shanes house actually... but on the way there there's TOADS some are jumping and they looked disgusting i wanted 2 cry. anyway i walk past them and theres this other toad on a picket fence but it doesnt do anything. so eventually i reach a gate with chainlink fence which is idk shanes house but in the inside its my house so idk. then i see TYLER OAKLEY he was killing bugs and insects and all that stuff. but there were so many ants it looked disgusting... anyway heslike hey! and tyler oakleys in like a bee suit but without hat and he gives me like a shovel to kill all the things with him and yeah.. we reach a hill and i go up first but then tyler oakleys like go kill that zombie so i had to go to a pile of like 3 dead zombies and kill the last live one. so i go back up the hill and we reach the door.. and go inside but the house has my house's interior and tyler oakleys like hey lets eat. he gets a can of beans but really they're like rolly pollies and it scarred me and tylers like "oops theres a cockroach" and he kills it and PUTS IT RIGHT NEXT TO MY PLATE and needless to say im scarred now