Woke up panicking about the upcoming exams

Date: 5/7/2019

By collymum

I dreamt I was watching a movie on a laptop with my husband. My husband had to walk away to attend to something. So I sat next to a girl sitting with her mum who were watching the Snoopy movie. I told her I am in the movie. A couple of screenshots of me in my childhood days come up and I pointed to me. They appear to be the family photos I had and I was a child around 10 years old. I appeared with my siblings only. The mum went “oh yeah that’s you!” The mum then commented to say I look very tired now and I lack the energy. She could tell by the way I was carrying the groceries. I said of course I am very tired, I have final year exams coming up. Then I left to look at the pile of books that i have and was thinking when are the tests. I woke up in a panic thinking of the exams coming up and not knowing the dates for them. I was thinking if I missed the exam dates. I snapped out of it and remembered I no longer need to study and the final year of high school was in the past. It seems this is not the first time I had a dream about exams.