An apartment with newly discovered rooms and family discord

Date: 6/24/2017

By contactsilence

There was an apartment downtown and I was there with my Aunt Donna and one of her lady friends. My bed was right in the middle of the living room. Donna laid down on my bed and was saying ahhh how nice. My aunt had rl back problems before she died. I jumped on the bed excitedly to tell her she can buy a mattress topper just like mine at Costco for just $200.00. I went to another room and the music was on really loud on an old stereo, so I turned it off. My brother Dean stopped by and my deceased step dad stopped by also but got mad and was going to leave. I said just wait and let's talk. Please, Roger, just sit down and let's talk for just five minutes. He slowly moved away from the door and I went to shut the door and blocked him because I was afraid he was going to change his mind and leave. I was trying not to be too obvious I was blocking the door. He sat down and I explained Dean was visiting and I remembered this apartment was downtown so I suggested he stay here, so he wasn't having to drive back and forth. So we know it's your place and we were only staying here for convenience. So, I'm sorry. Nothing is more important than family. It's all about family and you are family. He liked my explanation. I went back into the other room where the loud music had been playing and discovered two more full rooms making the apartment much more spacious. There were a couple of lime green chairs and it was decorated like 70's colors and furniture from that era. I loved the idea of finding new rooms and I was sure if I just went down another dark hall I saw, I'd surely find more. My mind was remembering houses from previous dreams and I was imagining similar rooms down below. However I didn't explore further, because I kinda got creeped Then further back was a ballroom that just opened up. There was Justin from work. I was going to tell him something but he couldn't hear me so he picked me up and placed me next to his ear. I don't remember what I told him. He started dancing with me, after all it was a ball room. He was causing me to dip and he was swinging me around but it was all kind of graceful.