Demons are not as Bad as Head Lice

Date: 4/10/2017

By seascarlet

I was building very impressive forts with my sister, laying out the blueprints for the different rooms in our imaginary houses. First on the beach, then in the living room of my childhood home. It was very cozy. Then it became that awful recurring dream I often have where I'm supposed to finish up my MS (which I have had for 6 years now irl), and I have to do this by going back to high school, but I'm failing all of my core classes because I have to work my current job also. It's bad enough to be my age and in high school. Then I'm being followed around by a little boy. At some point I scratch my head and find out I have lice. I can't focus on what we're doing after that. We wonder into a nice hotel / restaurant. Then we go down the wrong hallway to find a bunch of open rooms in which demons are claiming the souls of various people with them, including prostitutes. I realize they've chosen prostitutes because they think it makes it more ok somehow, and they were easier to lure into a hotel room, not as punishment for sin or anything. I try to slip out or blend in, but realize someone's going to notice the child with me. Someone does, a man in charge. He thinks though that I'm a demon and the boy is my victim. I play into this and we get away. Then I'm back to being very upset about the head lice. Denial, anger, depression... over the head lice. I must have gotten them at work, I think. All those sheets and clothes, how will I ever wash and isolate them? I have to get treated now, right now. Even though it's two in the morning. At least I have an excuse to miss high school tomorrow, I think.