Digital art, She watches her father die multiple times in a storm, only to be revived when it passes, as she struggles to keep him safe.

Dad keeps dying

Date: 7/10/2017

By MsBananaNanner

Like many of my dreams, I'm in my childhood house. The weather outside is incredibly stormy. Wind, lightning, rain. (As a kid I was always afraid of wind storms in that house because we had a huge picture window that would shake and I was always terrified it would crack and shatter) Me and my parents are standing in the kitchen and my dad tells us he's going outside to do something. I get really anxious because we're not supposed to go out in storms. Something about how in this world, whenever it storms, sirens go off like ww2 bob raid sirens, and no one is supposed to leave their house. I watch out the front window as he casually strolls across the yard, inspects some of our trees, and walks into the street. I'm incredibly nervous, and then CRACK. I jump at the sound of lightning striking just feet from the house, hitting my dad. I'm screaming and run out with my mom to drag him back inside. We try to resuscitate him but nothing happens. In a few minutes the storm clears and suddenly my dad comes back to life. I find it very odd but I'm more just happy that he's alive. Then what feels like a few days later, another storm comes, and again he wants to go outside. And again, he gets struck by lightning, and like before he is revived as soon as the storm passes. This keeps happening several times until eventually me and my mom make a pact not to let him go outside next time. The next storm rolls around and me and my mom block the doors. He is almost in a trance, he just keeps trying to go outside but he doesn't really seem like himself. He doesn't get violent, but is very sad we won't let him through. He goes into the kitchen and gets electrocuted. Like usual he comes back after the storm clears. Next storm, he opens the freezer to get ice cubes and for some reason all the ice is melted and it just pours out like a waterfall, drowning him. Every single time he dies I'm convinced he's gone for real. I was so stressed out and distraught I couldn't stop crying. Definitely a very vivid and real feeling dream. At last I've had enough. My mom is gone during this storm, but I vow to keep him alive. My plan is to lock him in a room with absolutely nothing in it that could possibly hurt or kill him. The storm comes and I pray it works. After a good ten minutes or so, I can hear it passing, and I get really excited because nothing bad has happened! I've finally managed it! I run into the room which I'd kept locked this whole time, rush over and kneel down next to him. My stomach drops. He's dead, blood trickling from his nose. How could he have died? He hadn't even moved from where I'd put him! Something in my head tells me that it was an aneurism and I'm so furious and heartbroken and distraught. I'll never be able to keep him from dying. Every single storm I'm going to have to watch him die. I pray that he will always wake up when the storms pass. I woke up before the last storm passed so I don't know if he survived the aneurism...I was incredibly sad when I woke up and had to go find my dad and give him a hug just because it felt so real. When I told him about it later that day (while we were standing outside watching a lightning storm, ironically) he laughed😂