The mighty flood

Date: 9/3/2019

By thatrdmguy213

There was a little fox that was stuck under a truck and so I did as any person would and lifted up the truck with a jack stand I took it to a vet and when I left the vet I was swept away by a huge storm and the water was at least 8 feet high. So I was being swept along and I was hitting trees, building, and the occasional power line all of which bent and contorted my body with each hit going as fast as I was. The next thing I remember was being flung into a window on the second story of a house and smashing through it and then the second floor turned into the first floor and I saw one of my residents Arlene trying to leave the building so I hold the door shut with all my might and she said "Let me go damnit" so I said fine and did so. It appeared as though the storm had stopped and all the flooding was gone so I walked outside with Arlene."finally over" she said I replied with "Arlene do you have any idea if there are other people who need help?" and she pointed towards the old church just up the hill and so I started  to run up the hill towards the church and saw a big group of people. In the group I saw my family, Jasper, the Warrens, and a girl that I've had a crush on for a while. I started running over to them as the girl tackled me to the wet ground hugging me and saying something that sounded like "I love you" but I know her in real life and she would never say that so I just pushed it aside and ran to my family and she followed. When I hugged my family I woke up to my alarm and it was over.