Chimera people

Date: 3/28/2017

By ena.b

I dream about human-like creatures with the head of animals (dog, pig etc) And in my dream there someone lingering in my home a man with the head of a goat. Its kind of scary at first. I told my best friend about it but he doesnt believe me a bit but never left me nonetheless And one day there are several women want to abduct me. They said I belong to their world because I am one of them and their leader desires me. Those women are not like that goat-man, creeping me out. Actually they are very nice people. And not like animals at all. Actually, they look like human. But they said it just their 'props' for them to blend in in this world. They also promised me that they will return me after the ceremony last. I hesitated at first but join them later on. And travel through galaxies, in some sort of hyperdrive like in star wars. As I set foot to their soil, I dreamt about running to the leader, a white dog-man, who is also an old man much to my dismay. I remembered spraying listerine in my mouth. And gave him some to spray in his mouth also. And when he told he will do it on the bathroom, fear struck me that he may do something in my listerine, so I grab my listerine and bolt for the doors. Once Im outside, I immediately notice my best friend standing in a corner. And as to why he is here, I presume that the goat man escorted him here. I hug my best friend tightly, much to the astonishment of the folks who bear witness. But I dont care, I love this man. My fiance the dog-old man knew about this. And he ordered to punish my best friend. I beg the dog man to spare him and just deport him to our planet. He conceded. After many days, I am happily living in this strange realm of chimeras, satisfied and assured that my best friend is safe now. And Although they have hideous appearances they are very kind, even their leader sometimes. But I noticed someone, a boar-like man quietly standing in a corner. I dont know but I am drawn to him. So I followed him for days, wondering this strange pull towards him. And in my sleuthing, nothing came up. so I gave up. But one night, I saw the boar-like man morphed into a man. And much to my horror, he resembles my best friend but much more buff. I sneak towards him and suddenly he face me. And at that moment, my heart stop. He is my best friend. I ask him why didnt he show himself to me. And he tells me that I am now happily living my life and being here wasnt so bad. But I still feel betrayed. My ceremony of turning is just to nights ahead, and I dont feel like participating, realizing that they turned my best friend without my knowing. I reproach the dog man about this and telling him that I dont want to be his fiance anymore, for I love my best friend even more. I tried to elope with bff but they caught and brought me to the dog man. The dog man never waste the time and turned me. And I became a she-dog but I immediately morphed myself into my old self, abhored in my true form. I tried to elope with my best friend a second time and succeeded. And the dog man never seek me out again.