Killer Dad

Date: 4/29/2017

By theglassgirl17

(Quick piece of background information so you understand my dream better: My dad recently abandoned my family. He cheated and got the woman pregnant) In the dream, it was sunset, and quiet. My mom was in her room reading, my brother was playing video games and I was reading a book. Then the smoke alarms started to go off as the room rapidly began to fill with smoke, and soon flames started filling the house. We found each other in the kitchen, and climbed out the window to escape. My dad and his mistress were standing outside, watching the house with sick grins on their faces, until they saw us. I told my mom and brother to run and get help, and began to fight my own dad... Tears ran down my face, but I didn't stop. "Why are you doing this!?" I screamed, dodging a punch. He glared at me, and swung another punch, this one hitting me right in the collar bone. "You were supposed to stay in the damn house!" I fell down, wheezing as the hit caused my asthma to start acting up, and winced at the pain in my wrist. I had tried to break my fall. I looked up at my dad, crying, then looked down at my chest as I heard a loud crack. Part of my chest, where my heart is, just collapsed on itself, exposing my broken heart. "Kill her! Now, (dad's name)! She's gong to ruin our new life!" His whore ordered. He wrapped his hands around my neck, squeezing hard, looking down at me like I was the most disgusting thing he ever saw... I felt everything. Right before I died, I woke up, and couldn't breathe for a minute.