Date: 7/28/2017

By karmakaziska

I lived on the third floor and I was told that if I ever lost my place I could always go to the 20th floor there's a vacant room up there. while living on the third floor I was waiting for my boyfriend but the people there told me I couldn't stay. so I got on the elevator and went to the 20 floor. my friend Brad was there in the vacant apartment I was curious to what he was doing there in order to enter this apartment you had to crawl through a window and there wasn't much space inside the apartment because the roof was starting to collapse. I had a talk with him about what happened and then we noticed people were looking for me. I hit in that apartment they passed by and then I try to sneak out the eventually saw me so I ran towards the elevator. the elevator now had a out of order sign on it I still push the button and try to get it to work. so I turned around and decided to take the stairs. I ran all the way up to the 96 floor it was like a skyscraper up there you can see the top of the clouds these people or still after me so I ducked off into a room on the 96th floor right off the stairwell everything up there looked abandoned there was furniture and it looks like an old haunted abandon trashed place. they ran right past me and they didn't see me so I snuck off again I ran down the hall and open the door that left you a short hallway to another door like this was a place that I knew so I knock on the door and one of my friends answer it happened to be a couple that were living together and I knew them. "but in real life I really don't know who they could have been or who they could have represented or if they were just totally made up." there's somewhat of a gap I do know I made my way back down to the 20th floor but it seems when I woke up the numbers 3 20 96 we're burnt in my mind and the next day I had another dream where I remembered numbers.