Creepy Summer Camp, Patriotic Wedding?

Date: 7/12/2017

By kkthedreamer

Well, I think I had two or three dreams last night. Here's the first one: My cousin and I went to this summer camp (which we are actually going to in August), but when we got there it was all dark and foggy and hardly anyone was there. We had to take a swim test but we were scared to do it because apparently someone had drowned before us and nobody cared. That's all I remember The second dream was that I was mad because I had to share my bed with my sister. Then my sister turned into my cat, so I slept with it. It was weird. The third dream was also very weird. I was at some 4th of July themed wedding?? Idek. The bride was wearing a hideous dress of red, white, and blue flower petals, so I ran up and ripped the skirt part off and tore it into shreds. Everyone gasped. I ran away, but then managed to run back to the wedding. An old man asked me why I did that, and I think I said something like, "This wedding is stupid," and everyone cheered for me. I'm actually laughing IRL bc this dream made no sense.