Chaos in helicopter

Date: 7/21/2017

By Daniel_Hobi

I was in a car with my friends and we were driving to the stadium like place made out of stone. when we were approaching, I saw a group of girls, my two ex's and my crush. One ex looked the other way ignoring me, the other ex just looked at me, and my crush was waving yelling my name excitedly. We parked and noticed there was people our age so we figured it was a school thing. All I remember doing next is going to the middle of the stadium getting in a RZR (like an all terrain car, look it up) and driving up through a part of the stands hitting a student right before I got into the desert (this place was in the middle of the desert). I kept driving through the desert running away from authority until I saw a helicopter hovering a few feet in the air and it had a text hovering right above it that said "Escape Helicopter", so I got close to it and it lowered down and I got in. I started flying until the authority started shooting missiles because I stole it but I shot the missiles down. I kept flying until I saw one of my friends in the air, he could fly. we started shooting at each other and he was winning until I found out there was a button to press to shoot the helicopter's gun and shot him down. When I shot him down I laughed and that's when I noticed I wasn't me. I had my mind in someone else's body, like in Get Out. I was inside an instagram users body, I forgot his @ but he is a black male that does stuff like stealing a pair of shoes or stealing chicken, etc. I kept flying until I weirdly ended up in a room with this guy inside. I turned into a really small person in a toy size helicopter, the person had Nerf guns all over his waist and I got close enough to grab one and started shooting at him and noticed how stupid he looked, he had purple guns and was wearing purple clothes and a dumb black Fedora. The outfit was so funny to me I started laughing and just woke up laughing.