The Violent Man

Date: 7/11/2019

By owlixx

This one man kept acting as a threat to me. It almost felt like a Groundhog Day situation because I kept running into him right as he got violent. Every time, he would pull a knife or gun and start talking about his crazy ideals which involved hurting people. He would take hostages, execute people, etc. Somehow I was always close but I could never manage to call 911. I would always forget the name of my location, be unable to look up my location, forget the man’s name, and then 911 would hang up. The last one was at prison-related office, so not actually jail but there were a lot of dangerous people. I was with Cassidy. An older man pulled out a sniper rifle to aim at her point blank, yelling about something she said about Muslims. I tried to get his fun but failed so I went back around him but he was still aware of me. Another person pulled a knife on me. The girl next to me took the knife away and talked about how getting stabbed doesn’t actually hurt that bad. I finally managed to sneak out the back of the office into a wooded area. I kept fumbling with my phone. The 911 operator was really giggly and I couldn’t manage to tell them anything. That’s when I finally woke up. The whole dream was permeates this feeling of dread about the antagonist. I cant remember his name, but this one man was the one who was going to hurt me. I remember trying to tell someone what was happening, a black woman, and I said that as a straight white male, this was the only time that I’ve felt like my life has been in danger, and that I know that’s privileged. She said to not “discount her feelings” which I remember being confused by even later in the dream. Every time this guy got violent, bullets started flying and id have to take cover. It wasn’t like Call of Duty, it felt more like my recurring school shooting dreams. Every second of this dream felt like a terrifying fight for my life that only had a 50% chance of succeeding. I was so scared to get hurt or killed by this man. I am so happy to be awake now but I need to refresh my mind.