Severed Right Hand

Date: 5/30/2019

By merurinu

Went to sleep on Sunday night (26 May 2019) without catching the latest episode of crime drama Voice ep. 5 Woke up from a nightmare in the middle of the night. Hardly dreamed of anything when I was asleep, hence such instance where I could vividly recall the details of my dream and remember it until few days later was very rare. Still not sure if I should share this dream with my husband. In the dream, I was a young man that has just moved into a rented room that was previously occupied by a young girl, who was a victim of crime. Details of the crime was not spoken, though the girl disappeared and was never found. My housemate was another young man like myself, and I remembered disliking this person the moment I was introduced to him. Our room was located side to side. When he went to take shower, I immediately went for mine too at the other restroom, it was as though I was worried that this person might try to sneak into my room to snoop on my stuffs when I was not around. It was a small room with a balcony, and the layout was supposedly the mirror of the room of my housemate. Strangest development always happens suddenly in the dream, right? I finished my shower (the same time as my housemate did), came back to my room and locked the door. In my waste basket, I found a severed right hand that looked like it belonged to a girl. Weirdly, in that dream, my reaction was not of fear, nor was there any intention of calling for my landlord or police for explanation. I calmly took out an electric grill pan, placed the severed hand on top, switched on the power and watched the hand, hoping that it would burn to crisp. It took very long, the room started to get too hot and I switched off the grill. The attempt was not successful. I remembered using a napkin to touch the hand, only to have the flesh came off from the bones. I wrapped everything in napkin and threw the hand back into the waste bin. That was when suddenly my landlord started banging the doors of a few rooms in the apartment. He’s shouting “Did anyone just try to cook something inside your rooms?!”. I could hear my annoying housemate opened his door and spoke to the landlord, “Maybe someone did this on purpose to chase me out of my room!”. It sounded as though he knew I was using a grill in my room, he just didn’t know what was it I was using it for. I felt cold sweat trickling down, waiting for the landlord to break my door. I waited, and waited, but nothing happened. I woke up afterwards, feeling unsettled. I haven’t been watching any crime drama (my favorite) nor have I been reading any news that involved severed limbs. Then it hit me, that the severed right hand that I saw in the dream, looked very much like my own right hand.