Failed lucid dreaming

Date: 2/13/2019

By sum1sup

I skip school, but it’s nighttime. I walk to pick n save, and see Nora sitting outside 🤷‍♀️. I don’t have any money but I walk in with a basket to make it look like I’m shopping. Eventually weird things start to happen. Don’t remember much of in between but last thing I remember I wasn’t in my body but someone else’s. I was trying to eat the almond butter granola things, but the ‘dream world’ wouldn’t let me. I was holding onto the box as much as I could while the world around me was disappearing and turning to white, but I was determined. Then it skipped, the mood is grim and final. Next thing Ik I’m back in pick n save, walking out. I’m wearing a Peter Pan outfit. It’s in third person and the person isn’t me anymore. I see the a van driving away( Ik Nora is in the van). The person ( I’m assuming it’s still me even tho they’re now male) starts drifting away, into the sky. I see the view of two spectators. One of them says “another one gone?” The other one says “yes sadly, she tried controlling it.” Then transitioned: The person is drifting into never land. things happen but I don’t remember.