Spider Warrior

Date: 8/15/2017

By morganmouse27

So, my dream started out where I was trying to train a boy about my age to fight. I don't know what fighting style it was, but I liked it. Now, I had this dream early in the morning, so I was slipping in and out of consciousness. Then, still in my dream, I woke up, because it turned out that the fighting bit was a dream inside a dream. So, since it was a lucid dream, I decided to step outside my 'shack' that I was sleeping in. It turned out that I was leading a resistance against the Spider Warriors and my shack was built on top of a large palm tree with a few other shacks, probably my trusted warriors. I wanted to climb down the palm tree, but when I looked down, the sand was blanketed with big, fuzzy spiders. I have a phobia of spiders, so I have no idea why the people chose me to lead the resistance. I asked, and they said it was because of my fighting style; they described it as nothing they had ever seen before. Now, back to the dream inside the dream where I was training that boy. It was lucid, and I could feel my actual body thrashing around in my bed. Apparently that was my fighting style. That boy turned out to be my second in command; so, the dream inside the dream was me looking back into the past. I bit complicated, I know, but it made sense in my brain. Then, before we could shoot out all the sleeping spiders, I woke up.