Space / Aliens

Date: 5/19/2019

By makidigital

On a spaceship restaurant hybrid and nice hostess gave me best single round table in the house, it had a golden table with matching shiny golden chair..only sat 1 in the corner. She spoke with me a little bit about something that worried her but I don't remember. Soon after the setting morphed into a transport ship with some weird aliens masquerading as human. Word got out about the weird looking aliens and I somehow remembered the secret escape hatch which was right near where my table would have been. It involved water and gates that had to be timed right or your trapped and die. I entered and then the ship morphed into a fighter ship and we landed on some type of concrete docking hub area there were many ships. I got out the ship and then thought I could breath but breathing the air was like a slow poison. I could feel my lungs starting to hurt. This woman in a racing/fighter ship pulled up and told me to hurry and find a breather helmet while she waited I ran to get one and the one I found had no air filter. Finally found one in garage with air filter but it barely worked or fit me but kept me alive at least. I could feel my lungs starting to ache and can feel each breathe breathing in this poison. From there i Got into another huge transport ship and got ready for a long journey to some type of sanctuary city planet by putting me in a hyper sleep state but to fit i remember my body being contorted into a smaller impossible shape and i was packed to fit in a very tight area in the mechanical section behind a panel in the wall with greasy bike style chains. I could smell the grease. I remember being worried how i would breathe. From there I woke up with a headache and felt like I couldn't breathe well. I noticed my wife Sofia was in corner of room chain smoking her cigarettes.