A bunch of dreams

Date: 5/14/2017

By rock457

Dream 1: It started with my dad coming to visit my mom, sister and me. We just hung out around our house and I went to my bed an that's were I had this dream. Dream 2: Me and several other students got into this bus and proceed to go to McDonald's but the driver only ordered one person a meal and as we left I was telling the kid that got the meal brother that the driver and his brother hang out, moments later the bus crash into some kind of other bus and we went back to the barn where other buses were and helped make its way in. Dream 3: this dream at me in a giant business type tower where I've had other dreams as I worked through the hallways I would look in the windows and one of them was a therapy session that had my cousin in it but the younger version. As I looked around more I walked into the waiting room of a dream I had before that when I went to the elevator but as the door was near shutting a kind named Zane walked in, I had my headphones on my neck and he kept looking at me smiling and I'd smile back but when we got to the bottom and outside he was in a ship and was acting like a pirate and tried to attack me.