Date: 5/2/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

So I had gone to a concert. It was a metal band concert and I was there with Edward and other people I do not remember. Something sad happened to me so my mother decided to console me letting me have a tattoo. I was so excited. I was in the city of the glass doors and the concert was happening into the main plaza (Conca d'Oro in Rome but different) I headed to a place I've been thousands of time. The music gallery. It's a gallery with portraits of the people who got most appreciation and every portrait has a song playing. So then I decided I was going to get the tattoo. It was so unrealistic I checked the clock multiple times to see if I was in a drean and the clock worked PERFECTLY FINE like wtf. I decided to get my symbols, an upward pointing arrow, an x, a downward pointing arrow, enclosed in squared parentheses. I just wandered around the tattoo shop talking with the tattoo artist but somehow I never managed to get it done. Called people, spent time, i don't even know.