Grandpa,breaking bad

Date: 6/10/2017

By Jimmy

I was going to sleep and i think i might have jumped straight into dream where i was in a hospital and dad was there i remembered i wanted to see grandpa so i spawned him on a chair and dad and i talked to him for a bit i cant remember a big chunk between this and this next part im having a race with other people and its kinda like parkour or something we kept trading places then i took off in first place but fell off the track some how and didnt know what to do cause i thought i would have tu turn back to the start but then i heard someone talking about a "glitch" where u can jump over this wall but couldnt touch the ground around it or u would like teleport back beside it so i jumped up and on the wall i remember talking to pat about needing something idk what jt was but he was put out a lil after i jumped over the wall i was still in first place and ran the rest of the way on the way there was lil kids around just playing cause it was a playground we was racing in now then i slid down a bug slide and ran to uncle jock he asked if it was a nice show cause this race was sopposed to be the last episode of breaking bad there was another before it but i cant remember it jock was at the bottom of the slide too i think i said something to him cant remember what it was then i fake woke up and was laying in my bed with a blue trying to take a puff i forgot it was empty then i thought about laying back down to have a lucid dream i layed down and looked at the hypogene thing a lil but i was already dreaming so thinking back on it i realize why it looked and felt odd and i launched into another dream it was all black and i was moving fast like floating and music was playing with some pink in the background i started trying to make a landscape with the pink but then decided to make a normal one and boom i was in a white room and ran through a door way then stuff got shaky and i woke up my heart was beating and it all hit me that this was my first real wakeup all night which is amazing cause i slept 10 hours straight there was some other dreams in between but i cant remember them