Date: 6/13/2019

By Beherit

Dad and I were driving down a dark road when we nearly ran over a man laying in the street. As we drove on, dad noticed we were being chased. We attempted to escape but when it was clear that was futile, Dad tried to pull into a gas station. However, the gas station was threatening to look at and we left. Eventually, we pulled to a stop inside a parking garage and dad took out a gun. He got out of the truck and stood outside my passenger side door. When the man shot at him, dad shot back. Dad backed behind something and ushered me to follow but when I got out, there was a man wearing a cowboy hat with a gun. Several other men appeared and took Dad and I hostage. Cowboy Hat took out a knife and cut the pocket from my pants, cutting my leg too in the process. I also took the pouch off my pants and handed it over. At some point, Dad was put in prison and I was released with the threat that - should I tell anyone of what happened - I would be killed.