Show Stopper

Date: 6/16/2017

By madandsin

The dream goes like this: Its my group of friends and I at this packed outdoor concert or play of some sort. The people on stage are preforming as usual and someone comes up to me as if this person knows me. They ask me to fill in for somebody who didn't show up because of whatever reason. Of course, I say yes and go get a costume change into what I assume is a witch. It time skips to my turn to go out. I fly out, like a 3D screen type of fly, and as I'm going out on stage, nobody is in the crowd and everybody is moving around on stage like normal. Where did everyone go? So im standing on stage without support from my friends and no idea what my lines are. I start stammering and tripping. Nobody helps me. I end up falling backwords and when I jolt awake, nobody is there. I am instead all alone in a neighborhood. There are no cars, lights, people, noises, etc. Just me standing there going door to door calling for anybody. One time, I got on a bike and just went to school and went through my daily everyday activities. The other time I had this dream, I ran into my ex boyfriend, Jacob, and we started to walk around together. We just talked and talked until we just walked off the road and I woke up.