Curse of the Cat-Rat

Date: 2/8/2019

By savamey

I get cursed by a cat-rat hybrid for apparently killing a Disney Princess. My day is supposed to go terribly until I eventually die at 9 am. I’m terrified and race against time to find a way to lift the curse. I lift it just in time, with the aid of my friend Kitten, using a trophy case at the top floor of the school and dough of some sort. I go back to school the next morning, relieved that I won’t die. I’m wearing white for some reason. In the foyer of the school, there’s a poster that says that the school is celebrating its anniversary and that the next week will be full of celebrations. I sit down at a table and hang out with my old friend Gracie and her ex-boyfriend. I’m nervous to talk to her. Naomi comes and sits with us as well, giving me a carton of grape juice. I say, “I like grapes”, before waking up.