Sick Evil Witch Tree/Serpent/Star Trek Ship

Date: 7/22/2017

By Fitful

There was a college for just lesbians. I was hiding out there, and I seemed to have evil plots afoot. Like I was an evil twin, only not the twin. I was a witch and I was sick, some 24 bug. I was safe at the college though. It was interesting being surrounded by women who only wanted to be with women. ~ I was trying to contain an infection. It wasn't actually going very well. I used plastic bags, like zip lock quality, and i was working with a tree, which was serpent like in quality and also seemed to remind me of star trek. A star trek ship/serpent/tree. All my favorite things rolled onto one I guess. Anyway everyone warned you not to get infected with this thing, and so I dutifully cut off and killed every infection I could find. But I wasn't really trying very hard by the end of it. I kept wondering what would happen if I was infected. Would it really be a bad thing? In fact I kept thinking, secretly, that it was a good thing. That i wanted to be infected. The infection was vampirism by the way.